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Launched in 2012, The Big Iftar has provided a platform for Iftars to take place in homes, community centres, synagogues, parks, town squares, schools and more. Anywhere is possible! Muslims have Iftar every day so we suggest that these are opened up, invite friends and neighbours to share in this blessed time.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calendar, when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset for thirty days. It is a month of spiritual reflection and personal development – donating time and money to charity is very much part of the month too.

Ramadan gives us the perfect opportunity to reach out to neighbours and strengthen relationships. Eating together is one of the most natural and well established ways of developing deeper friendships and, in our experience, there is no better way of breaking barriers than by inviting people to share a meal.

What is an Iftar?

Iftar is the special daily meal at the end of each day when fasting finishes. Each country and culture has its own special traditions during Ramadan and different foods are eaten around the World and in Britain, to reflect that.

Organise an Iftar?

Yes! Whether you are a Muslim, from another faith or of no faith  you are welcome to participate. Whether you are an individual, an organisation, a youth group, a teacher or someone representing a place of worship – you can join in either organising your own Big Iftar event or attending something organised by others.

Why take part?

Big Iftar events are community-led and enable people from diverse backgrounds to meet and enjoy traditional and delicious food in an atmosphere of friendship and hospitality.

The events are an opportunity for people to come together, create new friendships and learn from each other.

Where do I start?

Think about where you want to host the event and how many people you want to come. We have created a platform with the help of Patchworks to help you execute events by inviting volunteers to participate in any particular task needed to kick start your Big Iftar – with an easy and friendly app (click here to go on our platform).  

For your event think about?

Where will you get the food from, what budget will you need, are there local people that can sponsor any aspect of the event? What will the programme for the evening be?  Do you have good links with local Muslims or would you like us to make some introductions? Check the local time for your area for sunset on your chosen date and build your evening around that.

Use our app to get communities involved in organising your Big Iftar :


I don’t want to host an Iftar but I want to attend…

That is great! You will be very welcome.

Just have a look at our latest events page and find an Iftar local to where you live/work.