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Launched in 2012, The Big Iftar has provided a platform for Iftars to take place in homes, community centres, synagogues, parks, town squares, schools and more. Anywhere is possible! Muslims have Iftar every day so we suggest that these are opened up, invite friends and neighbours to share in this blessed time.

Can I organise an Iftar?

Yes! Whether you are a Muslim, from another faith or of no faith, you are welcome to participate. Whether you are an individual, an organisation, a youth group, a teacher or someone representing a place of worship – you can join in either organising your own Big Iftar event or attending something organised by others.

Where do I start?

Think about where you want to host the event and how many people you want to come. We have created a platform with the help of Patchworks to help you execute events by inviting volunteers to participate in any particular task needed to kick start your Big Iftar – with an easy and friendly app (click here to go on our platform).  

What do you need to think about when organising an Iftar?

  • Where will you get the food from;
  • What budget will you need;
  • Are there local people that can sponsor any aspect of the event;
  • What will the programme for the evening be;
  • Do you have good links with local Muslims or would you like us to make some introductions;
  • Check the local time for your area for sunset on your chosen date and build your evening around that.

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