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Islamic Unity Society – Manchester

Venue Cheadle Royal Business Park Date 18/06/2017 Time 9:00pm To 10:30pm

Al Madina Mosque Barking

Venue Al Madina Mosque Barking Date 22/06/2017 Time 8:45pm To 10:00pm

Hyderi Islamic Centre

Venue Hyderi islamic centre Date 24/06/2017 Time 8:00am To 10:00pm

Skool Iftar, Strength In Diversity

Venue The Cherwell School Date

Finchley Liberal Synagogue

Invite Only. Date25/06/2017 Time8:00pm to 10:00pm

Why I Welcome Ramadan

Five minutes ago I walked into the house. Its ten to ten at night and my youngest son shouts from his bedroom – there are samosas on the table. And there are.  Crispy vegetarian samosas – one for each member of the family – and they are still hot. These samosas, along with all sorts…
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Quit smoking during Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to start some healthy habits and stop some bad ones, such as smoking. Ahmed Rahman gave up smoking during Ramadan with the help of a smoking counsellor at his mosque in north London. The 36-year-old traffic warden had smoked between 10 and 15 cigarettes a day for…
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Fasting: health risks

Some common health complications that can arise from fasting, and how to prevent and deal with them. The following advice has been provided following consultation with medical experts and Islamic scholars. Fasting and heartburn Fasting usually reduces the amount of stomach acid, which digests food and kills bacteria. However, thoughts of food, or the smell…
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Healthy Ramadan meal plan

These healthy meal ideas will give you a varied and balanced diet during Ramadan. They include ingredients from the five major food groups. The meal plan has been written by medical experts in consultation with Islamic scholars. ………… Fluids (water and juices) and dates should be added to each Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and Iftar (dinner…
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Ramadan health FAQs

Here are some frequently asked health questions about fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. These answers have been put together by medical experts and Islamic scholars and researchers. Should a person with diabetes fast? People who have their diabetes under control, either by their diet or using tablets, may fast. However, their GP may…
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Guide to healthy fasting during Ramadan

Don’t break your fast with a feast or you may put on weight instead of losing it. If you are not careful, food eaten during the pre-dawn and dusk meals can cause some weight gain. Dr Razeen Mahroof, an anaesthetist from Oxford, says feasting during the non-fasting hours can be unhealthy. He recommends approaching the…
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Mosque welcomes over 100 neighbours for Iftar

On Wednesday 15th July, the Al-Khoei Islamic Centre invited local residents to join them in the breaking of their fast, also known as ‘Iftar’. Two hundred people attended the event, and over half of those attending were neighbours. Read full article here.

Luton hosts Big Iftar 2015 event in St George’s Square

HUNDREDS of people came out to St George’s Square in Luton last Friday to celebrate the 2015 Big Iftar gathering. The event marked the breaking of the daily fast of Ramadan and Luton council said it was ‘aimed to promote further understanding of the Muslim faith’. Read full article here.

‘Unity Iftar’ event to bridge divides in Bradford

The ‘Unity Iftar’ is being organised to unite the community following local and international events that have taken place in the past few weeks. The event is to take place at the Hussainia Islamic Mission centre, which was only recently daubed with offensive graffiti targeting the Shia community of Bradford. Read full story here.

London synagogues host ‘Big Iftar’ events in Interfaith gesture

In a display of Interfaith harmony, Muslims have broken their Ramadan fast at London synagogues this week. The reform shul in north west London and the West London Synagogue hosted Big Iftar events, in which members of the Muslim community broke their daily fast for Ramadan, with Jewish neighbours. Read full article here.